Top 5 Machines to Quilt 2022
February 16, 2023

The sewing machine can be a quilter’s most trusted friend. If you’re trying to figure out which is the best sewing machine for quilting, we’re here to assist you to choose the best machine to give your quilting an extra boost!

The best quilting machine

When you’re looking for the top quilting machine, the first thing to consider is the kind of quilting style you prefer. If you’re planning a queen-sized work of art or stunning mini quilts, taking a look at the style you prefer to quilt can help you choose the best machine that will fit into your room. Start by looking at your patterns for sewing. If you’re a fan of attending classes, guilds, or retreats for sewing, you’ll be grateful for locating a light and portable machine that can easily pack and transport around. For those who plan to sew while sitting within a designated space, a more robust heavy-duty machine will meet your requirements better.

These are the five top quilting machines

Brother Innova-is A80

Best for: Sociable, beginner sewists

Sociable quilting requires an efficient machine that can be carried around – look for The Innova-is A80. The machine is extremely lightweight and comes with a protective case. This machine is perfect to put in your car and drive to your friend’s house. The LCD display is clear and provides all the data you require and it makes an extremely simple machine to develop and learn abilities.

Brother FS130QC

The best way to improve your skills

If you’ve just begun your journey to quilting and would like an affordable, durable machine look into using the Brother FSC130QC. Equipped with drop feeds free-arm sewing and a massive extension table, playing around with free-motion quilting is definitely in the works. It’s a versatile machine that can handle every project from beginning to the end.

Janome 5120QDC

Best for: extension table

It’s a machine that comes with a wide range of choices to explore and comes with 120 stitches, including seven types of buttonholes as well as an alphabet. The Janome 5120QDC is suitable for inclusion in this list of the top sewing machines that can be used for quilting. It also comes with all the additional features you’d expect from a machine. This cost that includes the automatic needle threader (words we all want to hear) and a thread cutter button as well as a simple LCD control panel, and the top-loading system that is jam-proof.

Brother Innov-is VQ2

The best for ambitious or confident quilters.

This machine is an expensive purchase, but it is perfect for those who wish to make stunning quilting designs and create larger-scale quilts at your home. The extra-long 11 1/4-inch arm and pivot feature of the Innov-is VQ2 by Brother gives you the freedom in moving your quilt effortlessly while you stitch and The Continuous Automatic Pressure System assists in keeping your stitching consistent to give you an impressive final.

Pfaff Quilt Ambition 630

Best for: Handling different fabric types

Get a plethora of cutting-edge sewing features on this handy piece of kit for quilting. It features a color touchscreen and a huge sewing area of around 200mm (7.87in) in the direction to the left of the needle to make large quilts. Explore the possibilities of stitch count of 201, including buttonholes and also enjoy 2 built-in fonts for sewing (both lower and upper case) to make it easy to program. You can choose to utilize the start-stop button to sew without foot controls, making long seams, buttonholes and free motion much simpler. You can also alter speeds to manage your sewing while you’re struggling with complex work.