Amazing Benefits of Quilting
February 6, 2023

There has been a lot written about the numerous advantages of quilting. However, it’s only in the past few years that researchers have really begun to research this assertion. In the past, the practice of quilting was primarily because of a practical need to keep the family warm, especially during the cold winter seasons. The practice isn’t needed anymore due to technological advancements and with women working from outside the home, it has taken less time. The good news is that thankfully it didn’t lead to the end of quilting, remaining popular and alive as a pastime and expression of imagination.

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Quilting Relieves Stress

According occupational therapist Victoria Schindler, we are always in a stress state. This is due to the fact that the brain cells in us haven’t developed to distinguish between an appointment scheduled with a potential client or the imminent attack of a tigress. The good thing is that the repeated movements of certain crafts, such as quilting, triggers the parasympathetic nervous systems. This is what calms our body’s natural instinct to fight or fight.

Quilting is better for your Health than physical exercise

Exercise is beneficial for your well-being, but research was done by scientists from Glasgow’s University of Glasgow and found that quilting can provide incredible health benefits that go over and above what you can achieve by outdoor or physical exercise.

Quilting Makes People Happy

Being involved in something that produces satisfying work is what makes people feel content. This is true for quilters who have something gorgeous and tangible to demonstrate their work, as well as something they can show their family and friends.

Quilting Keeps the Doctor Away

Quilting reduces stress levels and triggers the sensation fulfillment as it raises the reward chemicals that are present in our brains. This is why it lowers the likelihood of stroke and heart attack. A report within the Journal of the American Medical Association has evidence to suggest that quilting can lower respiratory rate, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Quilting Builds Community

Humans are social creatures. Community and friendship are crucial for staying together and in good health. It’s becoming increasingly difficult due to the sprawling suburbs of today that can isolate us from one another and render casual gatherings rare. The issue is further complicated by the isolation of technological advancements which can leave people trapped in their personal digital worlds, or only online with acquaintances who aren’t seen or never met in real life.


There’s been no doubt that quilting can bring numerous benefits. Being surrounded by vibrant colors and a large group of people, particularly in the winter months when it is dark and cold can lift our spirits. The repetitive motions of quilting allow us to enter into a flow that’s enjoyable and helps us to let go of our worries and anxieties.