Everything you Need to Know to Start Quilting
January 20, 2023

A lot of you might be at home searching for new ways to fill your free time, and also keep you busy. There are also older teenagers and children who are looking for new ways to keep them busy.

Today I thought I’d share some of my most-loved resources for beginners to use.

Why Quilting?

You may have read this post and thought about why anyone might want to get into quilting. Is it an ordinary “grandma” pastime? My answer is “yes, there are lots of Grandmas who quilt and isn’t it fantastic!”

In all likelihood, they have something we don’t. We should think about it for a moment and consider why they are interested in it. Perhaps they can be an example to us?

Additionally, there are lots of quilters of all ages. However, that doesn’t mean the quilt you plan to create must be a model of a quilt an individual from a different age group could create. The world of quilting is packed with different designs and styles of quilting. I think that’s among the most appealing aspects of it.

So, why quilting?

It’s fun

Think of it as putting pieces together and then when you’re done, you’re able to keep what you created. Looking for my next quilting project is among my favorite pastimes. I enjoy the entire procedure, from pattern selection to the color story, quilting, and then finishing. There is plenty of quilt-along are available both in person or online.

It is a great creative outlet

Find inspiration from other artists and come up with something unique to you. If you’re concerned that it may not look perfect when done, it doesn’t matter. You’re creating it for yourself.

It gives a feeling of belonging

There is an extremely strong quilting community on the internet and around the globe. Friendships have been formed and gained understanding and comfort from quilters from all over the world.

It helps you to take a large task and break it into smaller chunks

I think this technique is ideal for teenagers and kids to master. There are times when we look at an enormous project or issue and aren’t able to figure out what to do since we’re looking at everything at once. The art of quilting taught me (and several other people) how to tackle big task and reduce it into smaller steps. Begin by taking each step until you’re finished.