Pets furry
February 19, 2023

In winter don’t forget our feathered friends in the backyard. I have sparrows, juncos, blackbirds, magpies, California quail, and even sighted a Chinese pheasant. I have 3 bird feeders to keep them fed and healthy when snow is on the ground and most of their normal feed is gone or covered.  I enjoy many different birds year-round. I know spring is round the corner when I start seeing the first robin. My bird feeders are squirrel proof like a Pesky Pet 336-SR Squirrel Be Gone. They keep furry creature off the feeder.                                                                         

If you don’t have a lot of time to fill your feeder get a Woodlink Going Green large Premier bird feeder with suet cages. Suet is very good for birds in winter. It helps to keep them warm when weather is very cold. I keep my feeder in sight from the house. It’s so much fun to watch. 

I have a dog. He is big, funny and a real clown. He keeps me company and is a real friend. He likes the snow and enjoys romping  in the backyard but also likes being in the house warm and cozy. He likes his BF Pet home dog bed. It’s big, fuzzy and comfortable. I also spoil my big boy with a Goughnut dog chew ring. It keeps him busy but he also likes to carry around a small plush toy like an Outward Hound Hedgehogs plush dog toy. He doesn’t chew on it. I said he was a clown.