Top 7 Easiest Foods to Start Canning
January 20, 2023

If you’re a homesteader, you’re likely aware of the difficulties of storing fruits, vegetables, and other meats throughout those winter days.

It’s virtually impossible to grow any type of fruit or vegetable during winter in the majority of states, which is why it’s essential to find other ways to store the food harvested in early fall.

Food canning is a fast and simple method that occupies a small amount of space and uses no energy. There are two kinds of canners that are available: pressure and water bath canners.

Although water bath canners are cheaper and simpler to operate than pressure canners, it is to be noted that some foods are not able to be canned with the water-bath system.

But here are a few of the most sought-after choices.


The tomatoes can be easily preserved in a water-bath canner if you add additional lemon juice to enhance the acidity of the mix. To can, just boil them in boiling water, then peel, and then core.

After that, place them into containers, add 2 spoons of juice from a lemon, and 1 teaspoon of salt. Then seal them with fresh seals and rings, and then heat them in your water bath for about 45 minutes.


Many people prefer canning cucumbers in dill or sweet and sour juice (pickles). Pickles help preserve their crunchiness through the winter cold season of storage.


Canning beans is possible, however, they must be canned using pressure canners since they are low in acidity.  A lot of cooks cook their beans prior to canning, but it isn’t required.


Canned corn is a fantastic option for preserving your harvest as it has the same flavor and taste as fresh-off-the-cob varieties. Corn should be canned in a pressure canner.


If you have cattle, chickens, or other animals, making extra stock following butchering is an excellent method to make the most of the carcass of your animal. Also, there is nothing better than chicken stock as a replacement for water or bouillon cubes to spice up a dull recipe!

To make bone broth (or stock) for canning, you’ll need three to four pounds of chicken, the equivalent of bone-in beef, or a few carcasses left over.


Fruit is easily canned using the water bath canner. Pick your fruit before dawn (at that time, they are freshest). Make sure to wash them well, then put the raw fruit in containers.

Some of the easiest fruits to can are:

  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Cherries
  • Apples
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries


While canned asparagus is milder in flavor and softer in texture than freshly harvested asparagus, it’s perfect in soups or used in pasta dishes, omelets, or other dishes. The asparagus can be canned for anywhere up to 3 years, but it is required to be canned with a pressure canner.